i360 Telecare

Frequently Asked questions

i360 Healthcare is a healthcare software platform to manage a patient’s health between doctor visits. We leverage the power of personal medical/fitness devices with chronic conditions, behavioral, and physiological treatment plans by efficiently and securely connecting patient health data to doctors. We do this without changing the way a doctor runs their practice or department, and allows them to use their own practice management care treatment plans and EHR software.

How do we select devices? How do we hook them up?

Device selection and configuration can be done by i360 Healthcare or in a collaborative effort with your organization.  This will lessen the impact on your IT group.  i360 Healthcare has configured and connected numerous types of devices, and we will work with your organization to meet your needs. 

Since we are a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, our software product does not create a major impact on your local IT department.  Our software is designed to connect at the patient’s home, utilizing their local Wi-Fi or their cellular service collecting the data from the devices and sending it to our proprietary Cloud.  From there, we connect to your PM and EHR systems.

Does i360 bring benefits to small, medium, and large hospital and clinics?

Yes.  i360 Healthcare can scale to meet the needs of most healthcare organizations, regardless of size.  i360 Healthcare passes information along to your EHR system to validate care treatment plans for value based reimbursements.  i360 Healthcare can work with your healthcare organization to ensure that you are maximizing your ROI and quickly recouping your initial  investment. 

How do you connect to an electronic healthcare record?

i360 Healthcare connects to your electronic healthcare record via public or custom developed API's.  

What is agnostic technology?

Agnostic technology does not have to be associated with one brand or type of hardware or software manufacturer. This enables you to implement i360 Healthcare,  without having to change your core systems. 

How do you on-board clients?

i360 Healthcare will engage with your organization's IT and Clinical Application Departments to determine the requirements for application connectivity, workflow, and security.  i360 Healthcare will then work with your physician office to deploy new devices as needed tied into a physician/patient care plan..  Technology implementation will take 60 to 90 business days depending on how much custom development is needed. We also have an expert consulting service that you can engage to help you have a successful implementation.

The standard deployment would be as follows:

  1. We work with you to get you introduced to our core vendors and develop a needs assessment for the implementation.
  2. Devices can be released to patients in one of two ways.  They can be given to the patient at time of service or they can be deployed by our custom depot service.
  3. Once the device is registered then the data will transmit according to the patient care plan determined by physician.
  4. All alerts will be tested with your in-house personnel.  They can be managed by your in-house staff.

How does i360 Healthcare compare to alternatives?

Our system will tie directly into your EHR.  Other systems are point to point and struggle to get the data where you need it.  This means that the data is received into the office and fed to a stand-alone system which requires a MA or Receptionist to write notes or manually transfer this data by hand into the EHR.  We have all seen the environment where there are sticky notes stuck all over the place requiring action.

We also offer telehealth services where you can purchase an eVisit system.  This can be a fixed monthly cost and allows you to use this by any number of physicians, or mid-levels.   This utilizes your physicians at the top end of their license and will allow them to e-Prescribe directly to local pharmacies.  We follow all Telemedicine standards as directed by CMS.

Another offering includes the services listed above but can be modeled into a nights and weekend service utilizing our physician group.  This is a complete board certified group of MD’s and DO’s that can be credentialed into your health system.  This service allows your patients to have complete 24/7 coverage.  Data will flow from this enterprise system into our i360 Healthcare database.  From there it will load into your EHR system.

  • i360 Healthcare can tie into most any EHR application
  • i360 Healthcare does not require your physician group to learn any new medical format, terminology, and work flow. 
  • i360 Healthcare extends your care treatment plan
  • i360 Healthcare can recommend or use any devices that have Blue Tooth connectivity