i360 Telecare

i360 Healthcare is Patient intelligence

Benefits of interoperability


The benefits of interoperability will allow you to have complete insight of your patients health with i360 Healthcare's remote patient monitoring.

i360 Healthcare complements your workflow seamlessly


i360 Healthcare compliments your workflow seamlessly and confirms adherence to your care treatment plans.

24/7 housecall


i360 Healthcare enables care between visits to improve the health outcome of your patients.

Interoperability benefits

i360 Healthcare provides the backbone to complete interoperability

i360 Healthcare's electronic data warehouse transfers all of the information your organization needs to all of your  end points. This enables your staff to use the software of their choice, even between departments and locations, while always looking at the same data for the patient. Interoperability with i360 Healthcare enables your organization to provide a true connected health care solution.  

• Use the your software of choice

• Use your established care treatment plans

• Expand your critical care alerts capabilities

• Complete picture of a patient’s health with RPM

• Identify chronic and acute problems sooner

COMPLIMENTING your workflows

i360 Healthcare works with you.

No one wants to completely rewrite their workflows when updating their technology. This is labor intense and expensive.  i360 Healthcare will augment your technology and compliment your workflows, critical care alerts, and treatment plans. Tell us the way you do things, and we'll build our system to adhere to all of your organizations practice and compliance guidelines. 

This makes implementation a much simpler process, because your team will still use their software, and be looking out for their care alerts and treatment plans.  It reduces training and makes back-fill labor, a thing of the past.

proactive healthcare

i360 Healthcare brings back the 24/7 housecall.

With i360 Healthcare's remote patient monitoring connecting your care treatment plans; your software , your patients, and clinicians will experience the convenience of proactive healthcare. Your staff can proactively reach out to your patients and let them know when plan variances have fallen outside of treatment plan parameters.  Chronic care patients can reduce your available visits times for your routine care and followups.  i360 Healthcare will allow you to explain to a prospective new chronic care patient that even between visits, your staff is up to date with all of their information, and able to notify them when acute care is needed, or when they can simply follow their care plan and live their life.