i360 Telecare

Welcome to i360 Healthcare

i360 Healthcare SaaS based remote patient software is bringing health care technology and patient care management into the 21st century. The days of scheduling an appointment two or three weeks out, or only in case of a medical emergency are gone.

Welcome to improved patient care delivery, improved patient outcomes, and continuous home care management. i360 Healthcare provides real time health information to care givers and clinicians between office visits and enables remote engagement with patients as their conditions change. i360 Healthcare tracks every phase of a care treatment plan and provides clinicians with visibility into treatment efficacy, patient adherence, and supports proactive engagements and personalized care. 

Welcome to the 21st century.


Why i360 Healthcare?

21st Century Healthcare

 Today’s healthcare is mostly “sick care” responding to sickness. Healthcare consumers’ attitudes are changing around this. They are demanding proactive care and true wellness programs for themselves and their loved ones. They want to be involved and know what is going on for themselves and those for whom they care.

The Internet and Technology are changing the way that patients and their care providers interact. Currently available off the shelf consumer and medical grade smart devices allow for continuous remote patient health management, 24/7, 365 days a year.  If you saw a patient today for a disease state for which you prescribed a new drug, for whom you added a new care management plan for, or whom you directed to self-monitor important biometrics for, this patient can now interact with you continually, and all aspects of their care plan interactions and adherence can be recorded and available, and critical alerts, data exceptions, etc. input directly in to your clinical EMR/EHR that you already use everyday, with little or no change to your existing clinical workflows. 

This is where the i360 Healthcare changes the paradigm. Unlike other platforms, i360 Healthcare is a device agnostic solution which continuously captures interactions and data from the patient, IoT fitness/ healthcare devices, and customizable care plans and securely transmits it back into your existing EMR/EHR/alert systems where it is reviewable by healthcare professionals. With a library of thousands of device and medical system interfaces, i360 Healthcare offers true interoperability, allowing information to be measured, shared, and stored in the existing EMR and medical system(s) your staff are using on a daily basis. i360 Healthcare seamlessly provides additional new data on your patients into your clinical workflows and existing applications.

i360 Healthcare is bringing back the physician housecall, 24/7.

46% of hospital care can be handled at home, providing more personalized and timely care,  and reducing patients’ anxiety and stress.  Patients want to be more engaged in their healthcare and wellness plans and i360 Healthcare enables these engagements.

i360 Healthcare's connectivity to medical, wellness and fitness devices allows tracking real time patient bio-metrics and adherence to care treatment plans, thus avoiding the time delay caused by a period of 60 or 90 days between doctor visits.  Not only does i360 Healthcare enable improved patient outcomes, reduces not increases clinical reporting requirement (as 5 out of 10 doctors report being burned out do to all the reporting and paperwork).  

i360 Healthcare's interoperability allows for seamless integration with existing EMR/EHR's providing doctors with the information to provide informed decisions at their fingertips. i360 Healthcare allows patients not the chronic disease to be in control of their life. 64% of Americans avoid care due to the costs and accessibility. 

i360 Healthcare remote monitoring/ remote care management reduce the rates costs of hospital & clinical office visits, re-admission rates, and unnecessary Emergency Dept. visits, thus reducing overall cost of care, yet enabling greatly improved access and overall quality of care.